parenthèse points parenthèse

whritten in black and white

“What remains of loneliness when no one is there to observe it? Being alone without a doubt, but not without a mirror, that is, not without the eye of another person which bases my desire for loneliness”

From The Paths to Philosophy, Adèle Van Reeth


For 3 days an artist (tight rope dancer and at the same time drawer) settles in a public space and trains there for several hours a day…he notes and draws what he hears what he is told, what he saw and observed and builds a kind of playful ethnology spontaneously, without any method. Gradually his drawings invade the space. On the 4th day, he proposes an appointment that mixes thread, words and texts captured…like the film of these few days and constructed live and in the relationship to the public, like the reconstructed link between an artist, a space…and what has been sorely lacking in recent months: the audience.


After L’Enquête and its almost endured legacy which gate-crashed his artistic path and took him on an intimate investigation/revelation, and through this work of solitary rehearsal in the public space, the artist attempts to go ahead of our collective loneliness in the spaces where it sets in, and there to gather each and everyone’s legacy or testimony to patch it into a living, incarnate picture and invite individuals to gaze at their own image in a fun, joyful and touching ritual of a show. In a word: essential


Scriptwriting, direction and performance

Sébastien Le Guen


Guy Périlhou


Héléne Garcia

Sound arrangements

Nicolas Beck

Caravan layout, scenography, construction

lonely circus, Grégory Cadet


italian: Alessandro Brizzio





Le sirque, PNC Nouvelle Aquitaine

Les scenes croisees, scene conventionnee de lozere

Archaos, PNC Provence Alpes Cotes d’azur


Musee Soulage and Amis du musee Soulage, Rodez

Cirq’ônflex, Dijon

French Ministry of culture/DRAC Occitanie, Regional council of Occitanie