A family troupe since 1999, lonely circus has always sought to investigate the relations between the worlds of circus and drama with the help of creations intended for both the audience in hall and the public space. It calls on a different director or artistic collaborator for every creation,Nicolas Heredia, Blaï Mateu Trias or even Sébastien Le Guen for the latest. It entrusted authors gilles moraton  and filip forgeau with a scriptwriting work of transposing their texts to the high-wire ; the company also delves into researching and innovating in the field of circus apparatuses, leading to the making of the girafon’s kinetic structure in 2005 with le galop du girafon.

cirque ÉLECTRO

In 2008, electroacoustic composer and musician  Jérôme Hoffmann  joined with the company and spent 10 years with sébastien le guen researching circus sound by way of two emblematic shows in the cirque electro genre: le poids de la peau (2009) and fall fell fallen (2012). In 2013, the festival d’avignon and the sacd commissioned sébastien le guen with a show on edgy subjects, leading to the collaborative work dans les bois with jérôme hoffmann and slam artist dgiz. In 2014, he received an order from the verrerie d’alès, pnc occitanie for a transposition of circus to the public reading network with le rapport berthier, a first work in which he questions traces and memory, before crafting in 2017 the company’s latest collective show, masse critique, on the theme of rock as a material


Pursuing his investigation into the status of a circus scriptwriter for 20 years, sébastien le guen experiments a back-and-forth writing work on gesture through drawing, leading to a storyboarding work that precedes and later feeds creations. This double work on the memory and the drawing of gesture ends up with a first blending stage work in l’enquête in 2020, before (…) in 2022.

Lonely circus  produced  and  toured 11 original shows  for more  than  1000 performances in France and foreign countries. The company worked in collaboration with the Verrerie d’Alès – PNc from 2005 to 2010 and later with the “scène nationale”-certified Théâtre de Bourg-en-Bresse, from 2016 to 2019.